At FosterClub, we take the safety and confidentiality of youth in foster care seriously. We provide the following guidelines to ensure a safe experience for our users:

Internet Safety Basics
Here are some basic rules to follow to be safe online:

  • Never agree to meet someone you've met online in person.
  • Don't tell people you meet online your full real name, even if you are friends with them!
  • Make sure your username is not your first and last name
  • Never give out your phone number or home address to your online friends.
  • Don't tell anyone online which school you go to.
  • Be suspicious if someone online asks you too many personal questions.
  • If you get a bad e-mail from someone, tell your e-mail provider and tell their provider too.

FosterClub is YOUR community. Please protect it by reporting any content that is inappropriate by clicking the REPORT link at the bottom of each page or by e-mailing us.

Site Rules
Here are the rules:

  • No personal info. No sharing of personal information, such as home address, phone number, last name, e-mail address, instant messaging number or name, school name or school address. Please keep your contact on the website and do not ask people to contact you outside of
  • Keep it clean. No talking about topics that are inappropriate for young people. No swearing or inappropriate language.
  • No links. No advertising other web sites or posting of non-FosterClub links without permission. Many sites on the Internet are unsafe, and FosterClub does not want members to be directed onto those unsafe sites. If you have a link that you would like to have posted at, contact us via e-mail.

FosterClub monitors are designated by their name with "FC" in front. They make the rules on the Message Board and can ban kids who do not follow the rules. If you see anything inappropriate at our message boards, please contact us via email immediately.

A message to supportive adults
The team at FosterClub strives to maintain the safest site possible while allowing young people enough freedom and flexibility to reap the benefits of sharing in a peer support network online. In order to allow users the immediacy that they have come to expect from online social networks, the FosterClub team uses a monitoring approach that allows users to post messages without being screened first. Our team does monitor the site consistently, and also relies on our users to report inappropriate posts. Our years of experience with has demonstrated that our young users tend to be protective of this site, understand internet safety and demonstrate excellent role modeling by disparaging those who post inappropriately. If you have concerns about the content you find on please contact us via email or call 503-717-1552.

Monitored Content
FosterClub uses trained adults to monitor all messages on the message board and all content on the FosterClub web site. The FosterClub Safety Team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, including education, foster parenting, Web design, non-profit, and social work.

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