Foster Love

Hannah Barnes: (918) 946-7542
Katie Hart: (832) 525-9122
Aedan Jex:(210) 865-7167
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Foster Love is a program that connects foster care children in grades 1st-4th grade in the community with one another to help build friendships and strengthen social skills. It is an after-school program that will take place in the Wilkinson Center and other areas around... Read more

Tennesse Extension of Foster Care

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Young adults ages 18 to 21 may enroll in Extension of Foster Care Services. These services give you the ability to prepare for your future by receiving additional educational resources, employment opportunities, and consistent and safe housing. For a young person to inquire about re-establishing... Read more

The Los Angeles LGBTQ Center's RISE

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The Los Angeles LGBT Center's RISE ( R ecognize, I ntervene, S upport, E mpower) youth and family services program provides comprehensive support and direct services to child/youth, parent/caregiver, and child welfare professionals. The program utilizes strength-based strategies to support the positive identity development of... Read more

Oregon: PDX Bridge

Find your pathway to college and career through PDX Bridge--we'll help you get there. In this program, students who are within one year of completing high school or GED (or who have recently completed their high school credential) receive supports to transition to college and... Read more