Foster Alumni Can Attend College Full Coverage in 2022 - Minnesota

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Foster Advocates , a young Minnesota nonprofit, recently drafted and helped pass a ground-breaking bill through the Minnesota legislature. This bill makes it so students in foster care in Minnesota can attend college for free, starting in 2022. The bill, which is the first of... Read more

Pandemic Support Resource - Indiana

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The recent Consolidated Appropriations Act set aside significant emergency relief for young people with foster care experience who are struggling right now because of the Pandemic.​ Every state received information from the Federal Government about recommendations for the funds, but each state is able to... Read more

Pivotal - Santa Clara & San Mateo

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Pivotal expert coaches work with youth one-on-one to reach their academic and employment goals. They round out their Pivotal experience by offering scholarships, academic tutoring, professional development workshops, summer internships, and job placement. They stick by youth throughout high school, college and into their careers,... Read more

The Hub - Santa Clara

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The Hub is a youth-led and organized community center, dedicated to supporting current and former foster youth, ages 15-24, by providing a safe, welcoming center where foster youth are offered a variety of services by their peers and other caring community members. In addition to... Read more

Iowa - Education & Training Voucher (ETV)

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The federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 increased funding for the Education and Training Voucher (ETV). The maximum ETV award is usually $5,000 a year. In the coming year, however, that amount will be higher: Students who already qualified for ETV in the 2020-21 academic... Read more