About this resource

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) Scholarship Program awards scholarship funds for youth who have been in out-of-home care and are entering a degree, license or certificate program.


To qualify for a DCF Scholarship award, the applicant must:

 Have been in an out-of-home care (OHC) court ordered (Ch. 48 or 938) placement (kinship, foster home, group home or residential care center) and left OHC at age 18 or older; or

 Have been in an OHC placement on their 16th birthday and gone to court ordered guardianship or adoption from an OHC placement any time after attaining the age of 16.

 Have aged out of OHC placement in another state but become a permanent resident of Wisconsin prior to attending a Wisconsin postsecondary institution.  Be accepted into an accredited postsecondary institution (i.e., college, vocational or technical program) at the time the application is submitted.

 Be age 20 or less, unless enrolled in a postsecondary program and receiving the DCF Scholarship on his / her 21st birthday, thus extending eligibility to the student’s 23rd birthday.

Scholarships may be awarded up to the cost of attendance and may not exceed $5,000. Funds for all scholarships will be paid directly to the institution. Funds may not be used for outreach, enrichment, special student programs or any other program participation costs. Unused funds will be returned to the DCF.