The Children’s Law Center of Minnesota provides legal services and advocacy to foster children. Our staff and volunteer attorneys represent our clients wishes in the courtroom and empower them to... Read more

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Complaints may go through the parent and child unit on the website above. The following PDF details your rights: http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/acs/pdf/advocacy/parent_handbook.pdf page 29 for rights... Read more

Foster Youth Rights in Georgia. Websites include a grievance form. Here is an email you may use if you have questions about your rights, or a grievance: askilp@dhs.ga.gov . If you have questions you... Read more

If you feel your rights are not being respected you may contact the Ombudsman at: https://cfsa.dc.gov/service/be-heard-for-youth See FosterClub's resource for District of Columbia Ombudsman.Read more

This site allows you to search for foster youth rights by state. This list was last updated in 2016.Read more