About this resource

Project Lemonade is a nonprofit operating in the Portland metro area, and have helped former foster youth access clothing and increase self-esteem for years. Project Lemonade now offers three opportunities:

  • The Project Lemonade Store
    • The Project Lemonade Store gives foster youth access to new clothing donated from partners all over Oregon, helping build their self-esteem and self-worth.
  • The new WISH program, What Inspires Students’ Hearts
    • This is a new program aiming to help foster youth reach their educational or other career and life goals
    • Participation in the program also aims to inspire self-esteem in the foster youth
    • The WISH program can give small grants to participants to help with the cost of activities and experiences
      • Some ideas of what this includes: summer camps, music lessons, laptops, bicycles, cultural clothing -- submit all creative requests, you never know! 
      • The average request usually does not exceed $400
  • Foster youth can participate in the L+EARN internship
    • This internship is a paid, part-time opportunity for foster youth who are interested in serving their community and gaining work experience.
    • Applications are accepted all year, but the internships are in the spring, summer, and fall. (Not Currently Available)


  • Former foster youth ages 5-24 can access these programs