About this resource

The recent Consolidated Appropriations Act set aside significant emergency relief for young people with foster care experience who are struggling right now because of the Pandemic.​ Every state received information from the Federal Government about recommendations for the funds, but each state is able to decide how the funds will be applied to the youth in their care.

California has partnered with the organization, Think of Us, to help reach youth who are in need.

There is no specific California application, but former foster youth are to apply for Pandemic Relief aid through the Think of Us application. 
The staff in that organization will connect you, if you are eligible for funding, to the right people in your state. 


If you have any trouble getting connected to resources, please reach out to the staff at FosterClub. We do not manage the pandemic relief funds in other states or the Think of Us application, but the Resourcing Team is happy to help anyone in need!


  • Current or former foster youth who are living in California, ages 18-26
  • Young adults living outside of the state but who were in California extended foster care
  • Youth who spent time in another state’s extended foster care system are also eligible