About this resource

The recent Consolidated Appropriations Act set aside significant emergency relief for young people with foster care experience who are struggling right now because of the Pandemic. 

What does the new law do?

  • Provides resource support for young people from care  ages 14+ and up to 26
  • Until September 30, 2021, it stops termination of services to youth because of their age
  • Allows youth to re-enter foster care (up until age 22) if they aged out of foster care since January 1, 2020 
  • Some of the assistance that former foster care youth may receive are:
    • funds to cover basic needs
    • rent
    • utilities
    • food
    • childcare
    • transportation
    • access to technology
    • education/employment support


First, you will need to check if you are eligible to receive funds. After that, they will assist you in getting funds. You can do that by contacting your local representative:


  • Have foster care experience and are between the ages of 14-26
  • Youth who left foster care between January 27, 2020, and April 20, 2021, may be eligible to re-enter foster care
  • For eligible young people who do not wish to re-enter foster care, financial assistance may be available.