About this resource

The recent Consolidated Appropriations Act set aside significant emergency relief for young people with foster care experience who are struggling right now because of the Pandemic.Mississippi has received $3.3 million in additional federal funds to assist older foster youth.

How can this additional funding help YOU? 

  • Money is available for education, transportation, technology, housing/rent, groceries, utility bills, and other emergency assistance needs.
  • Provides up to $4000 per youth for costs related to driving buying a car and getting a driver’s license
  • Education assistance funds up to $12,000 a year for tuition, books, housing, etc.
  • Older youth who need additional supports may also choose to re-enter foster care and remain up to age 27, if they so wish


To apply, call and speak with Mississippi CPS staff at 769.823.4608 or 601.502.7429. Or you can reach the staff through email, youth@mdcps.ms.gov


*Youth from MS the Band of Choctaw Indians or Unaccompanied Refugee minor youth are also eligible

*These funds end on September 30, 2021. Call to apply as soon as possible!


  • All current & former foster youth between ages 14 to 26
    • You are eligible for funds even if you spent at least 1 day in foster care after your 14th birthday
  • Youth who are no longer in care are still eligible (applies for young adults who have not reached their 27th birthday)