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Young adults ages 18 to 21 may enroll in Extension of Foster Care Services. These services give you the ability to prepare for your future by receiving additional educational resources, employment... Read more

The Los Angeles LGBT Center's RISE ( R ecognize, I ntervene, S upport, E mpower) youth and family services program provides comprehensive support and direct services to child/youth, parent/caregiver... Read more

503.288.8177 ext. 309

Once a month, the Foster Care program holds Sibling and Family Visit Night to provide a positive natural environment for youth in foster care to visit with siblings, family members, and other people... Read more

(503) 233-6121

Youth Progress provides safe and stable homes to youth in the Juvenile Justice and Foster Care systems. They serve youth between the ages of 13 to 24 with diverse backgrounds from all over the State... Read more