Not foster specific. The Ombudsman office will take your complaints relating to child welfare. The office accepts citizen complaints about state agencies and personnel. The ombudsman may investigate to determine whether an agency act was unlawful,... Read more

This complaint department is not foster specific. If you have difficulties please call FosterClub for additional assistance at 503-717-1552. The state of Vermont would like you to share your complaint with the worker or supervisor. Then if your... Read more

You may contact OCPO at any time. Below is Utah's instructions for filing a complaint. The Office of Child Protection Ombudsman (OCPO) is an independent office created to investigate complaints about the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS... Read more

An ombudsman is a person whose job is to work out problems between people and government. The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth’s (TCCY) Ombudsman Program is an external, third-party problem resolution mechanism for children in the custody... Read more

If you are age 15 or older, and have sincerely worked with your social worker and/or guardian ad litem to resolve an issue, the CFSA Youth Ombudsman (aka Yo Bud) can help. Living arrangements, rights, and fair treatment are some of the concerns the... Read more

Wisconsin lists several departments and ways to file complaints on this website, including a generic form. If you need additional assistance, feel free to call Outreach at FosterClub (503) 717-1552.Read more

The Family and Children's Ombuds Investigates complaints in Washington state about agency actions or inaction that involve: Any child at risk of abuse, neglect, or other harm. A child or parent involved with child protection or child welfare... Read more

Their help includes: Making sure youth understand their rights while in foster care Reviewing a youth's concerns about case-specific questions and complaints With a youth's permission, working with other people to improve their care.Read more

The Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) is an independent and autonomous Rhode Island state agency responsible for protecting the legal rights and interests of children in state care. These rights include, but are not limited to, a child’s right to... Read more

The current foster care ombudsman in Oregon is named Darin Mancuso. You can call him with complaints and he will investigate. Anyone can call him, but he's generally a resource for foster youth and foster parents.Read more