(404) 656-4200

If you have a complaint about the child welfare system or feel you were treated unfairly by any system as a current or former foster youth, you can call the number above or use the complaint form... Read more

Local office contact numbers on the website by area. "If a complaint or report includes an allegation of misconduct against a Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families employee... Read more


An Ombudsman is assigned to: -Investigate your concerns. -Mediate and act as a liaison between all involved parties. -ƒSpeak on your behalf. Arrange case conferences when necessary. ƒ -Answer... Read more


The Ombudsman is available to you if you have a complaint in regards to your foster care experience. The email is for general inquiries only. You can file a complaint online using this form: http://... Read more


When you call the phone number above the receptionist will put you in contact with the Ombudsman for foster youth. The Ombudsman is a resource which may be able to assist you if you have complaints... Read more