If you are age 15 or older, and have sincerely worked with your social worker and/or guardian ad litem to resolve an issue, the CFSA Youth Ombudsman (aka Yo Bud) can help. Living arrangements, rights, and fair treatment are some of the concerns the... Read more

Wyoming has a google doc and phone number for complaints. Lauri Lamm at the number above can help, or fill out the form in the website above. "DFS makes it a priority to resolve client concerns or complaints about benefits, programs and other issues... Read more

Complaints may go through the parent and child unit on the website above. The following PDF details your rights: http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/acs/pdf/advocacy/parent_handbook.pdf page 29 for rights. Any parent, child, foster parent, or other concerned... Read more

If you have a complaint about the child welfare system or feel you were treated unfairly by any system as a current or former foster youth, you can call the number above or use the complaint form. Your ILP Coordinator will have additional... Read more

Local office contact numbers on the website by area. "If a complaint or report includes an allegation of misconduct against a Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families employee, the complaint or report must also be referred to... Read more

An Ombudsman is assigned to: -Investigate your concerns. -Mediate and act as a liaison between all involved parties. -ƒSpeak on your behalf. Arrange case conferences when necessary. ƒ -Answer questions regarding your inquiry or complaint. ƒ -Search... Read more

The Ombudsman is available to you if you have a complaint in regards to your foster care experience. The email is for general inquiries only. You can file a complaint online using this form: http://www.coloradocpo.org/complaint-form/Read more

When you call the phone number above the receptionist will put you in contact with the Ombudsman for foster youth. The Ombudsman is a resource which may be able to assist you if you have complaints or concerns related to your experiences with foster... Read more

Not foster specific. The Ombudsman office will take your complaints relating to child welfare. The office accepts citizen complaints about state agencies and personnel. The ombudsman may investigate to determine whether an agency act was unlawful,... Read more

This complaint department is not foster specific. If you have difficulties please call FosterClub for additional assistance at 503-717-1552. The state of Vermont would like you to share your complaint with the worker or supervisor. Then if your... Read more