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The current foster care ombudsman in Oregon is named Darin Mancuso. You can call him with complaints and he will investigate. Anyone can call him, but he's generally a resource for foster youth... Read more


An Ombudsman helps to investigate complaints and protect the rights of youth. Maryland's current Ombudsman is Loney Nguyen (pronounced Lonnie Win, pronouns She/Her). As Ombudsman's are supposed to,... Read more

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OKDHS Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) Grievance Unit is to promote grievance systems that serve as an effective and efficient resource for grievants to resolve problems and concerns. Grievants... Read more

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What is the role of a Foster Care Ombudsman? To act as an independent forum for the investigation and resolution of complaints made by or on behalf of the youth themselves and make appropriate... Read more


The Indiana Ombudsman's office responds to and investigates complaints filed by the state and local judiciary, foster parents, biological parents, and the general public, including foster youth. Note... Read more