Ombudsman (Complaints)

Minnesota: How to file a complaint

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Minnesota does not have an Ombudsman at this time. Here are the ways to complain in Minnesota:

#1 In Minnesota the best way to make a complaint is by contacting your appointed attorney. Every foster youth is entitled to an attorney. There is a new law on the books called McKenna's law which means you are supposed to be notified of your right to an attorney. If you do not know who your attorney is or don't have one assigned call your social worker or caseworker. You can request to see the judge or ask that your complaint is shared with the judge in your case.

#2 You may have a Guardian Ad litem. They should also be able to help you. If you don't know who that is or feel you don't have one, you could ask your social worker or caseworker.

#3 You can try calling the main Department of Human Services number and ask to file a complaint. Call the DHS Information Desk at 651-431-2000.

#4 In addition in certain areas of the state you may have access to assistance through the Children's Law Center of Minnesota at 651-644-4438. You can find your Minnesota Foster Bill of Rights on their website:


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