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The Supplemental Appropriations Act was signed into law December 2020. This law increased support for Chafee funded Programs (like ILP), and provides each state with increased funding to support young adults who haved aged out of or are in foster care. In response, the Iowa DHS and its partners are providing additional support and financial assistance to older youth in foster care and young adults who have aged out (18-27). 

Iowa is offering; 

  • Direct Relief Payment to Foster Care Alumni
    • Youth and young adults ages 18 to 26 who left foster care or other court-ordered placements after age 17.5 may be eligible for a direct one-time pandemic relief payment of $750. (Similar to federal economic stimulus payments)
    • Apply from May 10 UNTIL September 30, 2021
    • Follow this application link to apply on the Iowa websit (application button at bottom of page) 

  •  Moratorium on Aging Out and an Opportunity to Re-Enter
    • During the Pandemic there is a hold that youth who turn 18 at this time DO NOT have to exit have 
    • If you had to exit care between Jan. 27, 2020 through April 20, 2021 then you can re-enter for services

  • Increased Financial Aid for College Students
    • Find further information on how too get increased ETV funds at this link

  • Enhanced COVID Supports for Young Adults

    • The Aftercare Services Network is currently providing support to young adults ages 18 through 26 who have aged out of foster care or certain other out-of-home placements and are facing education, employment, housing, or other challenges as a result of COVID-19

    • Find more information on Aftercare (18-26 years old) servies at this link 


Requirements for One-Time Pandemic Relief Payment:

  • Age 18, but not yet 27, at time of application.
  • Resident of Iowa or aged out of Iowa’s foster care system.
  • Prior involvement in child welfare or juvenile justice system
    • Discharged from a DHS/JCS supervised, court-ordered, out-of-home placement at age 17.5 or older (includes DHS/JCS supervised family foster care, group care/QRTP, emergency shelter, relative or suitable other placement, supervised apartment living, or PMIC), or
    • Adopted from foster care at age 16 or older, or
    • Entered subsidized guardianship from foster care at age 16 or older
  • Undocumented youth are not eligible