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In Dec 2020, Consolidated Appropriations Act was signed into law. This law increased support for Chafee funded Programs (like ILP), and provides each state the ability to support young adults who are between ages 18 - 27 and those who were in care at 14 years or older.

Expansion of Youth Housing Assistance Program

  • Now: Youth between the ages of 21 and not yet reached 27th birthday

Youth Housing Advocacy Program

  • Provides a housing advocate who works with the youth to find and maintain, obtain, and maintain adequet housing, employment, and community supports
  • Housign advocates help youth understand rights/responsibilities as tenet, help youth apply for cash assistance, as needed

Youth Cash Assistance Program

  • Provides funding to purchase items needed to obtain or maintain adequate housing such as:
    • Security deposits
    • Rent and utilities
      • Late fees associated with unpaid for utility bills
    • Furniture and basic household items
  • Also assists with basic needs such as: transportation, clothing, food, and other items as needed

Youth Housing Subsidy

  • Provides up to $500 to agency or person youth rents an apartment/room from each month, until October 1, 2021.
    • After youth pays for 30% of their income on housing (rent and utilities)
  • FUP/FYI – special Section 8 vouchers in certain counties that cap a youth's rent at 30% of their income for 3 years. Process takes a while. Reach out to YHAP Coordinator for more information

You have to call and speak about potential re-entery into care by calling the Youth Hotline, phone: 866.459.6884. 
Please read this post for more information on process of calling Illinois Youth Hotline: 


Youth Hotline Worker (phone:866.459.6884) will determine your eligibility.