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In Dec 2020, Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act was signed into law. This law increased support for Chafee funded Programs (like ILP), and provides each state the ability to support young adults who are between ages 18 - 27 and those who were in care at 14 years or older.

Illinois is offering these expanded services: 

Implementing ETV (Education and Training Voucher) Flexibilities

  • Increase individual award amount to $12,000
  • Waived enrollment and satisfactory academic progress requirements
  • Will provide ETV funds for costs for less than full-time enrolled and outside of the cost of attendance
  • Expand age of elibility through age 26
  • Youth can submit an Application for ETV Funds, CFS 449-3 to request funds

Pandemic Tech Payment

  • Youth in post secondary programs receie $750 in the Fall and Spring to ehlpw ith additional school/progam related costs
  • Youth will receive a payment of $1500 or $750 in the mail. An email has been sent notifying youth of payment and the reason for it

You have to call and speak about potential re-entery into care by calling the Youth Hotline, phone: 866.459.6884. 
Please read this post for more information on the process of calling Illinois Youth Hotline: 


Youth Hotline Worker (phone:866.459.6884) will determine your eligibility.