Youth who elect to remain in or return to foster care are required to meet specific eligibility requirements that are articulated in Federal law (as applicable), State law, regulation, or policy. In most cases, youth also need to work actively with their caseworkers to develop and implement case plans that help them reach their education and career goals and work toward self-sufficiency. In 17 States6, the eligibility requirements in State law include at least one of the following: ƒ

  • The youth is working to complete a high school diploma or an equivalent credential. ƒ
  • The youth is enrolled in a postsecondary or vocational program. ƒ
  • The youth is participating in a program designed to remove barriers to employment. ƒ
  • The youth is employed for at least 80 hours per month. ƒ
  • The youth is incapable of any of the activities listed above due to a documented medical condition.