The PDF linked in the website above explains all the different ways current or former foster youth can get help with their educational expenses. Call FosterClub for additional experience at 503-717-1552 or email oregonrep@fosterclub.comRead more

This is a list of continuing education resources for foster youth including ETV funds.Read more

See the webpage for advisors and contact information in your area. Florida College System advisors work with foster care students to assist with enrollment, completion of college financial aid applications and exploration of career opportunities... Read more

The Education and Training Vouchers (ETV) Program assists eligible foster care and adopted youth with post-secondary education and training expenses. It is designed to help youth aging out of foster care with the education, training and services... Read more

This program will provide tuition and fees at any Virginia community college specifically for high school graduates or those who have received their GED if, at the time of graduation or completion of the GED, they were in foster care, in the custody... Read more

The college readiness program helps foster youth become competitive applicants to 4 year colleges/universities. This program is enrichment focused and offers: Individual college counseling tutoring workshops college tours special events summer... Read more

West Virginia Legislation (HB-4784) was enacted allowing eligible youth in foster care to receive tuition waivers for the purpose of attending a West Virginia public college or university.Read more

The Fostering Scholars program was established in 2006 at Seattle University in order to promote the educational attainment of current and former foster youth. The program is designed to identify students whose achievements and goals mirror the... Read more

The ETV Program is a national program for youth who qualify and are likely to age out of the foster care system. ETV offers financial assistance to eligible youth to attend an accredited college, university, vocational or technical college. The... Read more

The Passport to College Promise Scholarship program helps students from foster care prepare for and succeed in college. In the 2013-14 academic year, the program served about 400 students, with a maximum annual award of $4,500. Through Passport,... Read more