Helping Older Youth & Young Adults from Foster Care Make it Through the Pandemic

New Federal Legislation provides $400 million in new funding - delivered through the Chafee Program - to young people age 14 through 26 who have experienced foster care. It also expands eligibility and makes it easier for young people to access services.

Support for Foster Youth & Alumni is On the Way: What's Available or Coming Soon.

Are you a young person between the ages of 14 and 26 who was (or currently is) in foster care? If so, you are eligible for EMERGENCY Pandemic Relief Funds.

FACT #1: The recent Consolidated Appropriations Act set aside significant emergency relief ($400 million!) for young people in and from foster care who are struggling right now because of the Pandemic. This website explains what is available - or what will be available soon.

FACT #2: This is a BRAND NEW law, so States, Tribes, and Communities are still figuring out how they will distribute the new funding to young people. 

FACT #3: Even though all the details aren't determined, you should start asking about what type of emergency relief is available now. If you are connected to a caseworker or a Chafee Independent Living provider, start with them. It is possible they will not know about this new funding yet - there has been very little communication in some states. If they are unaware, contact your State Independent Living Provider:

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Emergency funding is available to provide cash assistance now until Sept 30, 2021. Each state will be figuring out how they will distribute funds to young people. Eligibility: Young people age 14 through 26 (up to 27th birthday) who experienced foster care when they were age 14 or older. How the funds are distributed will vary by state.

Summary of Older Foster Youth provisions - One Page Flyer for Advocates

Quick Facts

  • Name of Law: Consolidated Appropriations Act (PL 116-260)
  • Date Passed: December 27, 2020
  • Federal Aid Provided: $400 Million
  • Eligible Population: Young people age 14 through 26 (up to 27th birthday) who experienced foster care when they were age 14 or older.

Details About the Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Webinars: Older Youth Pandemic Relief

News & Resources

Dear Colleague Letter 

National advocates share priorities for implementation with the field.  

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Overview of Older Youth Provisions in Consolidated Appropriations Act (Webinar)

Originally aired Jan 14, 2021. Hosted by Juvenile Law Center and FosterClub. 

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Getting Emergency Funds Directly to Young People (Webinar)

Originally aired Feb 3, 2021. Hosted by Juvenile Law Center and FosterClub. 

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Information for Advocates & LEx Leaders

Your Voice Matters!

Young Leaders and advocates across the nation made their voices heard in Congress - resulting in emergency aid for foster youth being included in the Consolidated Apropriations Act (passed on Dec, 27, 2020),

With $400 million provided by the Federal government, the next hurdle is ensuring states plan and implement the law NOW. The law requires nearly all of the funding to be spent by Sept. 30, 2021 - a very quick timeline. 

NOW IS THE TIME to get involved in your state to ensure the aid that is available makes it into the hands of those who truly need it - young people from foster care.

Tools & Templates

Who's in charge of planning? In most states, the State Independent Living Program Manager is charged with planning. Ask how you can get involved (the new law instructs States to involve young people from foster care in implementation!)

Reach out to your IL Program Manager today - the button below will take you to a list of IL Program Managers:

Information for Child Welfare Professionals & Implementers

Outreach Planning Grid

This Google Doc provides a template for creating your own planning document. Includes links to many resources for outreach / marketing, which will be updated throughout the implementation period (check back often for updates!):

Template to Create a Pandemic Support Grid

Use this Google Doc template to create a youth-friendly grid of supports available to them:

How FosterClub Can Help

We know you've got a big job in getting aid to young people in your jurisdiction. Our team is ready to help. Here are some of the ways we can support implementation:

Payments to Young People
FosterClub is experienced at processing payments to young people using digital technology such as Venmo, CashApp, ACH, and digital giftcards. FosterClub can assist with processing both stimulus-style payments and specific needs-based payments, including maintenance of registry, request processing, and reporting. 

Young Leader Training, Support, and Compensation
Lived Experience (LEx) Leaders can assist with outreach to peers, peer support and isolation reduction activities, resource navigation, and peer-led lifeskills training. FosterClub is expert at engaging, preparing, and supporting LEx Leader teams.

Social Media Outreach
FosterClub can assist with custom targeted placement of social media content to reach eligible youth in your state.

If you'd like to know more, please contact [email protected] or call 503-717-1552.