Outstanding Young Leaders Recognition Award

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“The Outstanding Young Leaders scholarship helped me maintain stability to continue through the difficult early stages of my education.”

-- Levi S., 2022 Outstanding Young Leader Award Winner

Who's Eligible?

  • Young people with lived experience in foster care
  • Age 17-26 (as of May 1, 2023)
  • Making a difference through volunteerism or leadership in their community
  • Have not previously received an Outstanding Young Leaders scholarship

Important Dates

  • Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2023
  • Winners will be announced May 1, 2023

What is the Outstanding Young Leader Program?

FosterClub’s Outstanding Young Leaders scholarship program recognizes incredible young people whose brilliance and resilience makes a big impact in their communities. If you have lived experience in foster care and strive to make a difference, you’re encouraged to apply!

How are winners recognized?

Each Outstanding Young Leader Award winner receives a $500 scholarship for education or personal development.

Winners are invited to become members of FosterClub's Lived Experience (LEx) Leader network. Our 200+ members have ongoing paid service opportunities to partner with FosterClub to support their peers in foster care and to help improve the system.

Outstanding Young Leaders are celebrated on FosterClub's website and social media channels throughout the month of May, in recognition of National Foster Care Month.

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For more information about the Oustanding Young Leaders program or the LEx Leader network, please contact [email protected].

“Since I don’t have family financial support, I rely on scholarships like this to survive. I’m beyond grateful that I was able to get the Outstanding Young Leader scholarship!”

-- Nittaya C., 2022 Outstanding Young Leader Award Winner

FosterClub would like to recognize and thank Home First Development Partners as a sponsor of the 2023 Outstanding Young Leader Award.

The generosity of our partners and donors makes it possible for FosterClub to provide scholarships to these Outstanding Young Leaders. Make a gift today to support young people who experience foster care, or contact [email protected] for information about other ways you can give.