As Administrative Assistant, Kayla is instrumental in managing the FosterClub office. Kayla is known in the office for her love of Batman and her big heart.

Want to Know Kayla, Read On!

FC: What do you do when you are not working?
KM: Spend time with family and friends, yoga, volunteering, and anything that puts a smile on my face or the face of others.

FC: Any family and/or pets you want to claim?
KM: I have plenty of family, chosen and not. I also have a fluffy gray cat; Paisley.

FC: Tell us two truths, one lie about you. (Don't tell us which one is the lie!)
KM: 1) I use to have a pet cactus named charlotte. 2) I want to be a Juvenile Probation Officer / Mentor one day. 3) I hate traveling.

FC: What is your favorite thing about coming to work each day?
KM: Co-workers' smiling faces, and positivity. Working with youth.