Youth Communications & Engagement Specialist

Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs

You know who loves to tell a story? Johnny does, so be careful when you ask them about some innocuous topic… You might be there a while. Johnny was able to share their love of storytelling and the importance of communication in the classroom as an 8th grade ELA teacher. Their time in the classroom helped Johnny understand the importance of JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) values and the role they play in our society. Recognizing systemic problems in education, Johnny has become an advocate for public education. Access to education is one of the biggest determining factors of economic mobility.

Johnny’s previous work experience includes corporate training, copywriting, and utility construction/maintenance (they probably have a story about the sewer in front of your house). Earning their BA from the University of Phoenix while working a full time job and caring for a family is one of Johnny’s proudest accomplishments. The example it set for their children about making education a priority, even when it’s difficult, was an important lesson.

Johnny enjoys expressing themself through writing and by acting. “Everyone has a thousand stories to tell and they’re all important.”