Title: Training & Education Development Specialist
  John is responsible for the development, distribution, expansion, and tracking
  of FosterClub's education and training materials including publications, youth and adult stakeholder
  workshops, and foster parent online training; securing sustainable funding for the development, evaluation and
  implementation of FosterClubs’ educational programing for young people experiencing foster care and
  the adults who support them.

  Pronouns: He, Him, His

  We Asked: In another life, what were you? A wayward quark seeking permanency in the eternal and blissful Here and Now. In short, a       subatomic wandering Taoist.

  We asked: How do you take care of yourself?  I subsist on a well-balanced diet of physical (surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, biking,   exercise), mental (reading, philosophizing, life-long learning) and spiritual (mediation, yoga, painting/art, music, my wife, my dog) food to     sooth the Soul and lift the Spirit. 
  We asked: If you could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve...?  Celebrating the ephemeral and ethereal nature of (all) life,     laughter, and love. Whatever that looks like.