Jeanette Sampson currently serves as Office Coordinator 

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

My favorite thing about working at FosterClub is seeing the work being done by so many compassionate, dedicated individuals who are all working to make things better for the youth being served in the foster care system, while trying to help make the foster care system better.

Previously, Jeanette worked for Oregon State University Extension Service, as a Youth Development Program Specialist, being involved with hundreds of youth and chaperoning them throughout the state at camps, various leadership events and running the livestock and horse barns for Clatsop County Fair. Being around the youth has always been a wonderful experience, even when challenges arose and we all worked through those and had respect for one another. Many of the youth have stayed in touch and became friends as they navigated into adulthood, and Jeanette has had the honor of attending life-changing events for those individuals over the years, such as graduations, marriages, being a part of the births of their new families and even deaths. She truly appreciates getting to be a part of their lives is a true gift!

My favorite quote: The greatest superpower is the ability to change yourself! ~Naval Ravikant