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If you are aged out of the system please read this
and welcome to our world:)

My wife and I are 42 years old are married 10 years and
have no kids. We are looking for aged outs to mentor.

My wife is from Germany and I am from PA. We live just
east of Amish country PA.

My wife is a teacher by training and I ran my own
software business and sold it. I now help an Amish
relative with his enterprise.

You can speak to my wife and I in English or high
German as I lived with my wife in Germany for 3 1/2

We have about 26 nieces and nephews here in the USA
and 3 in Germany and 3 in the UK. We both come from
big families so it was very hard on us when we saw
that we are not having kids.

My wife said to me that God must have a job for us
to do so when we read about the hard time that foster
kids are having after aging out of the system it
made us cry.

We would like to start a friend for live program
to help. We are only two people but we will mentor
and we would like to organize a group of mentors
across the country with a web site and forum
plus meetups on a weekly bases.

The program should be a mentor/friendship program.
Just like a good parent is a mentor and a friend
especially if you are an adult. A friend does not
only say have a happy Christmas if he/she knows
that you have know place to go but says come
join us at our house.

In short the program's goal should be to build live
long mentor/friendships.

My wife and I were raised to believe that each
person is made in the image of God and needs to be
treated with respect.

Please send your ideas as to how we could help
those who have aged out to find what they want
and need.

One idea would be to have a site where we (aged outs
and mentor) can tell each other what we are looking
for or can provide (i.e. skills mentor may have or
what aged out is looking for etc).

Again please send ideas below.


Jack and Margareta


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There are probably tons of youth who would appreciate a safe caring adult connection! To keep things clear and get good support and supervision as a mentor, and assistance in connecting with appropriate youth, find an agency near you that does mentoring. Ask them if they work with foster alumni. If you have completed training and background check with a known agency, it will be much easier for you to connect with youth who need a mentor. If the agency has no resources to connect with foster alumni, perhaps they would be willing to contact your state's adoption resource exchange, or local child welfare office's adolescent specialist on your behalf. Mentoring programs may focus on kids under 18. However some may work with youth up to 21. Another option might be to contact a local college chaplain and ask how to be of support to any foster youth/alumni in their school. Having completed mentor training at a recognized agency will make it more likely they will work with you. Hope you are able to connect!

Did anything come of this?

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Did this go anywhere? I am looking to get involved in mentorship specifically of foster youth as well.