In the July/August 2015 Issue of Social Work Today, Allison E. Thompson, MSS, LSW, and Johanna K. P. Greeson, PhD, MSS, MLSP, wrote an article called "Legal and Relational Permanence in Older Foster Care Youths." The article discusses the ideals of permanency for foster youth that ages out of the system, some 25,000 young people each year.

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Through research and former foster youth perspective, including FosterClub board member Daniel Knapp, MSEd, MSW, the article discusses the conceptual difference of permanency - relational and legal - and the roadblocks foster youth can incur when trying to find their permanency.

So how does one navigate permanency and find it? According to the article, "Systems would do well to partner with youth-led organizations such as FosterClub in order to adapt their policies and practices to support the achievement of relational and legal permanency for older youths aging out of care."

Permanency Pact pictureGetting Solid PublicationTwo FosterClub resources highlighted in the article are Getting Solid and the Permanency Pact. Getting Solid curriculum allows youth to explore both the legal and relational permanency. It involve a "Permanency Quiz" youth can take to discover what a permanent relationship with an adult is. The Permanency Pact is "an individualized contractual agreement that is completed by a youth and a self-selected supportive adult."


Both resources are available in publication form and as workshops FosterClub Young Leaders can facilitate. Click the links below to learn more.

Getting Solid  |  Permanency Pact  |  Workshops