Senator Mary Landrieu (almost wearing FosterClub yellow!) on the red carpet at the Angels in Adoption Gala. (pic credit: CCAI)

Do you have any photos, stories, or mementos celebrating U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu’s 18 years of public service and support of youth from the foster care system? The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute is putting together a special Thank You present that will be presented to the Senator on March 18th.

From the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute:
In honor of U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu’s 18 years of public service to children worldwide, the child welfare community would like to express their gratitude through a collection of personal photos, drawings and letters from children, families and organizations as a gift to the Senator. We would like to extend the invitation to contribute to this collection to all who would like to honor her in this way. During her tenure in the U.S. Senate, she touched the lives of so many children and families and we know many of you would like to send her a personal note of gratitude for the impact she has had on you, your family or the lives of those you love.

We are collecting mementos from families who have been impacted by Senator Landrieu’s work through her untiring efforts on behalf of adoptees, foster youth and families throughout the world. There are several ways in which you can participate.

First, personal letters, drawings, notes etc. can be addressed to the Senator and mailed to:
The National Council for Adoption
225 N Washington Street 
Alexandria, VA 22314

These items will be presented to the Senator in a decorative keepsake box as physical evidence of the lives she has touched throughout the years.

Second, we will be presenting her with a digital photo frame with pictures submitted by families. These photos can be e-mailed directly to: The pictures must be sent as an attachment but you can send several attachments in one email. There are no image specifications since the program automatically resizes and rotates the picture to fit the frame. The frame does not allow for videos. If you have the capability, please write your family’s name on the picture using an app so she will know who sent the picture. If your child would like to draw her a picture, you can take a photograph of the drawing or scan it into your computer and send it as well. However, we ask that each family limit their submissions to the digital frame to three pictures. We are expecting submissions from hundreds of families and want to be sure everyone’s pictures are able to be included.

We will be presenting these gifts to the Senator on March 18th, so please provide your submissions by March 16th. Thank you in advance for your contributions to these gifts. Senator Landrieu has done so much for so many in the child welfare arena and we want to show her how much she is appreciated!

Watch Senator Mary Landrieu's National Foster Care Month Address, May 2012