photo by: Callie Richmond

“I struggled my first semester, and my grades reflected that. However, the endless support from the previous foster parents did ease my anxiety and made things a lot easier once I got a hold of the whole ‘college thing.’ … I’ve always lived my life by this motto: It’s better to live to a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs.’ Go to college, even if it’s for a semester. Try it out, learn some new things and meet some new people. Obtaining a degree is monumental and a huge confidence and morale booster.” — Elijah Sullivan

Texas Politica ran an article featuring former foster youth sharing their stories about higher education. With only 2%-5% of foster youth earning college degrees, it's important to recognized these leaders who have found success. They are the experts on the system and how the system can be improved inorder to assist more youth with their education.

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