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I have a transitional living program in Magnolia, AR. We allow homeless youth starting at age 18, to live in our apartments for 24 months. There are not a lot of rules, but some. You have to work towards being able to live on your own while in the program. You are required to have a savings account and we monitor your account to make sure you can save up enough money to get your own place. If you haven't finished high school, you have to get your GED. If you would like more information, contact me, Ye Juanda Sargent at 870-914-2931. There are some criteria that you must fit in order to be accepted in the program. Or you can email me at ightransitionalliving@live.com


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Just thought in bumping this thread for the foster youth who may be aging out and live in South Arkansas

ps: I googled it and found an address in Magnolia and a different phone number for the Transitional Living Program which is (870) 949-7758