beachFirst Place
15 years old
Experience in the Texas foster care system





Perfect Picture

Perfect picture on the wall.
That’s a dream I’ll never have at all.

Full of glee and memories.
I’m stuck here unhappily.

I’ve traveled around, trying to find a home.
Looking for a place to call my own.

Everyone is pushing me down.
Shutting me up.
Closing me off.

Looking for a place to call my own.
Looking for that place that I’ll call home.

Got my blood here beside me.
But we’re still lonely.

That perfect picture on the wall.
Haunts us everyday.
In every way.

The darkness that shrouds our hearts.
Grows bigger with each restart.

Why can’t we stay?
Why won’t they give us a chance?

Travel around .
Place to place.
Hand in hand.Tears on our face.
Waiting for the next “road trip.”
Clothes in hand.
We’re ready for the ride.

Then we can and we were surprised.
We found the hands that would hold us tight.

Perfect does not exist.
Just one’s interpretation of it.

Suzanne's poem, Perfect Picture, was selected as the first place winner of FosterClub's Creative Expression Contest.