Over 700 foster and adoptive parents, kinship caregivers, advocates, caseworkers, social workers, lawyers, judicial officers, citizen review board members (CRB), mental health professionals, medical professionals and others working with Child Welfare attended the Shoulder to Shoulder conference in Portland, Oregon on October 26th, 2015. FosterClub and our #FosterClubLeaders conducted three workshops to represent the youth voice among supportive adults in the industry that directly effects their life.
FosterClub workshops included:

Bio Hazard: Birth Family Relationship Panel
Dealing with bio-family can be confusing, heart-wrenching and chaotic for youth, while in care and after transitioning out. Similar to bio-hazardous materials, relationships with bio-family members sometimes require special care and handling or they can become devastatingly destructive. FosterClub All-Star Interns as they share the wisdom they’ve gained in managing their own bio family relationships while in care and transitioning out.

Permanency Pact
The FosterClub Permanency Pact is a tool that can bridge the gap between a youth understanding permanency and attaining permanency. The training teaches that permanency comes in many different shapes and sizes, and that different people can provide different types of permanency. By learning to utilize the Permanency Pact, supporting adults will be successful facilitators and feel more confident as they help youth to identify supportive people in their lives.

Genderbread: Circles of Sexuality
A thought provoking workshop about the complexities of youth identity and self expression. Participants explore what they know about sexuality and self-expression through guided dialog and informative activities. Participants learn to facilitate conversations with youth, equip them with tools to communicate and self advocate for their needs within the foster care system.

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#FosterClubLeaders presented three workshops at the 2015 Shoulder to Shoulder Conference in Portland, OR. Attendees were...

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