Oregon ILP Teen Conference 2014

Meet new friends! Learn new things!

We’ve got a great lineup of recreation, activities and workshops for youth, presented by the FosterClub All-Stars:

  • Planning for your transition to adulthood
  • Developing and managing romantic relationships
  • How to develop your own brand - define your own image
  • Get back to nature - with hiking and fishing, archery, and other outdoor activities
  • Challenge yourself with our ropes course!

Who can apply?
ILP eligible youth age 14 through 20, and ILP staff, child welfare workers or other volunteer chaperones
Talk to your Independent Living Provider to sign up! 
Fill out the youth scholarship form. Only 100 spots - APPLY TODAY!
Fill out the adult application form. 

A waiver will be needed in order to participate in the ropes course at Camp Arrah Wanna. You don't want to miss this activity! Download the waiver here: Word doc. or PDF

Rule #1 at the 2014 Oregon ILP Teen Conference: HAVE FUN!!! But we do have a couple other rules and some suggestions for conference preparation. Word doc. or PDF

Conference Agenda
Want to check out a detailed conference agenda? Choose either Word doc. or PDF


Jun 23 to 26 2014, 1:00pm - 1:00pm
OR, Welches, 97067, Camp Arrah Wanna near Mt. Hood - a cool getaway with it's own river!


Last Year's All-Star Introduction

Ryan FC's picture

Last year was a BLAST at Lewis & Clark. Check out the video of the All-Stars doing the Harlem Shake. Yep... it was 2013!


I'm excited for this year's conference at Camp Arrah Wanna!