On July 24th, a new bill to help youth experiencing homelessness was introduced to Congress. Recent research has found that many youth who age out of foster care are at risk of becoming homeless.

Many services are available to anyone experiencing homelessness, but federal policies exclude a large amount of young people because the definition of homeless does not include certain situations, such as youth who are temporarily staying in motels or with friends. Thus, many youth experiencing homelessness do not get the services they need, and are further at risk for worse outcomes.

The new bill, Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2014, amends the federal definition of homelessness so that all youth will be able to receive services no matter what their experience with homelessness may be. You can advocate for youth experiencing homelessness in many ways. Visit www.helphomelesskidsnow.org to learn more, and take action by contacting your Senators and Representative.

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