(photo by Lauren Belknap)

You were born into less than desirable circumstances, entered foster care, experienced the foster care system, successfully navigated your way into adulthood, meet the love of your life, and decide to get married. How do you leave all the negativity behind and focus on the positive direction your life is going?

Foster alum, Nikki Grey, struggles with moving beyond the abuse, her past, overcoming adversity, graduating from college, and moving forward. She wrote an IHTM (It Happened To Me) article for xojane.com about her decision to distance herself from destructive family members leading up to her wedding. The story is powerful with its honest account of a young woman wanting to hold onto old family members that lack support, and creating a new family dynamic that offers comfort.

Nikki wrote, “If you’re reading this now, this story is published somewhere other than my journal. And even though that makes me happy, part of me worries. If my family reads this, will they be angry? Will they abandon me?”

Read Nikki’s entire IHTM article here: http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/estranged-family-before-wedding

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