As the new year begins, so does a new Congressional session and it is important to consider who represents you in Congress. A government is only effective when the voices of the people are heard. As former foster youth, we sometimes feel like nobody is listening but you should know that your voice matters.


Congressional representatives not only want to hear your concerns, but their offices are required to document your concerns. You can express your thoughts about foster care laws or general opinions about changes you'd like to see made. Members of Congress can make laws and can adjust current laws that impact the foster care system. 


How do I locate my Congressional members?

Everyone in the United States has three members of Congress representing them: one Representative from the House, and two Senators from the Senate. House districts vary for each member and can cut through counties, cities, and even streets. Your neighbor might live in a different congressional district than you, and therefor might have a different House representative than you! You can find out who represents you by visiting and entering your address in the top right hand corner:

 You may be asked to include your street address so that you can see exactly who represents you. Once you find your representative, visit their website to learn more about them and how to contact them.

Finding your Senators is just as easy. All you have to is visit and choose your state:

Be sure to learn about your representatives so that you can advocate for foster youth, too!