Join Foster Care to Success on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 1PM PST/ 4PM EST on a conference call to discuss the 2015 launch of the National Alliance for Success After Foster Care.

The call is a first step towards developing a sustainable “Big Tent” approach to unify alumni of foster care, adoptive, foster, and birth parents, faith leaders, social workers, philanthropists, juvenile court judges, volunteers, educators, and mentors to work together in new and effective ways.

The Alliance will provide a framework for sharing knowledge and resources that leverages expertise within the child welfare system and higher education community, as well as among foster youth and alumni, employers, and citizen stakeholders. In today’s economy, we can no longer do business as usual with fragmented services, duplication of efforts and outdated initiatives that leave too many former foster youth ill-equipped for adulthood.
During the first call we will:   

  • Outline a shared vision to meet the need
  • Develop a timeline and outline an achievable plan
  • Discuss new and innovative methods for sharing resources

Foster youth need and deserve a strong, sustainable, vibrant and visionary National Alliance to work with them and on their behalf so they can grow into healthy, productive adults and good citizens.

To register for the conference call please click HERE.