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Question for teens & young adults who were in foster care... My spouse and I (together for 19 years & both female) would like to adopt a teenager. We live in the country and both work from 9am to 6pm. We are home by 6:45pm. We feel someone 16 to 17 years old would be a perfect fit for our family due to our work schedule. We are not the "traditional family", but we would love to be parents. We are wondering if any young person would choose this type of forever family... We know we have hearts full of love to give, but would anyone actually want to be our child? We figure who better to ask for advise than the teens & young adults on this message board... please share you thoughts with us! Thank you :)

Of Course!

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Of course! I think lots of kids would want you and your spouse as parents. Foster children only look for love, doesn't really matter where it comes from, so I don't think the non-traditionalness(is that a word?) of your family will be a problem. I must warn you though, raising a teen is hard, but raising a foster teen is 20 times harder. Most foster children have an attachment disorder(especially if they're teens) and it will be hard to get close to them. It's not impossible, just very hard. Which is why most people give up, and send the child away(which only worsens the attachment disorder).
Good Luck , and if you ever hit a roadblock with your foster child, feel free to contact me, I might be able to help :)