Photographer Lauren Wade's collection of foster youth along with quotes sheds a unique perspective on "drifting" from home to home. 

From the "D r i f t" gallery on Lauren's website: 
"Foster Care Drift occurs when foster youth move through multiple homes over multiple years. Studies have shown that youth who experience Drift while in care are more likely to have difficulty understanding the concept of family, to suffer academically and socially, and to have feelings of detachment and instability. Often youth will age out of Foster Care and many of those that do are frequently left with little support, little money, and no home.
This work documents and conveys the stories of current and former foster youth that I had the pleasure and honor of meeting and interviewing. They have all been very successful, most of them currently attending college or are graduates of higher education, and they are all hopeful of their futures. Still, the affects of Foster Care and Drift are evident in what they expressed in their interviews. A family is meant to be stable, safe, welcoming, accepting, and loving. Drifting was never meant to happen."

2006 FosterClub All-Star and former member of the National Foster Youth & Alumni Policy Council, Anthony Reeves, was one of the foster youth featured in Lauren Wade's "D r i f t".

Visit Lauren's website to view the entire D r i f t gallery and read other foster youth stories accompanied by amazing photography.