Lexie Hearts on Fire

FosterClub would like to congratulate Lexie Gruber on being named Visionary of the Week by Hearts on Fire. Lexie is an Outstanding Young Leader with FosterClub and advocated for a better foster care system. 

As stated on the Hearts on Fire website, Lexie hopes to improve the lives within her home state of Connecticut. She hopes to become Governor.

Her ambitions and life plan stems from her experience in the foster care system. “I have been drawn to issues of injustice and social advocacy since I was a child. When I became a victim of injustice in the child welfare system, my passion for advocacy became personal.“ She goes on to say that her biggest challenge in advocating is engagement. "People are often quick to say that they support and empathize with foster children. However, very few individuals actually back up their words with concrete action.”

We encourage you to read the full write up for Lexie's Visionary of the Week nomination and to learn more about Hearts on Fire, visit their website.

How can you generate concrete action? Support the youth programs at FosterClub. Each year, FosterClub awards 100 foster youth aged 16-24 as Outstanding Young Leaders. They are engaged in many forms of community involvement including youth panels, advisory committees, conferences, and volunteer work, in order to advocate for a better foster care system. Learn more about youth programs at FosterClub here. To support youth programs, click here