April 22, 2015 – Four FosterClub All-Stars participated as keynote speakers in a panel discussion at the National At-Risk Education Network (NAREN) Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. As alumni of the foster care system, the FosterClub All-Stars discussed personal educational experiences while in foster care with 250 educators, social workers and other at-risk youth professionals. The All-Stars gave voice to realities involved with transitioning into higher education as they transition or age out of foster care.

The foster youth involved in the panel discussion are graduates of the FosterClub All-Star program. Each year, FosterClub – the national network for young people in foster care – provides intensive leadership and public speaking training to foster youth. FosterClub All-Stars motivate, educate and empower foster youth across America and advocate for child welfare reform. 

The 12th Annual NAREN Conference FosterClub All-Star participants were Cortéz Carey from Pittsburgh, PA; Kayla Lopez from Burlington, VT; Chris Woods from Pittsburg, PA; and Jeremy Long from Alexandria, Virginia.

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