FosterClub young leader, Rachel Scott (Washington) and Rochelle Fraenig (Michigan), traveled to Washington D.C. in order to meet with the First Lady and participate in the Beating the Odds Summit and represent the foster youth voice.

First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed college-bound students from across the country for this year's "Beating the Odds" Summit. The event focused on sharing tools and strategies to improve outcomes and help more students successfully transition to college and navigate the next level of their education. 

The next day, after their White House trip, they met with Senate and House staff from their home states of Washington and Michigan. 

“When I got to college, I discovered there is a ‘self.’ Now, I am working on discovering who that ‘self’ is.”
– Rachel Scott
“I went to college and thought all my problems would go away – they didn’t. With my support system, I am able to stay in college and thrive.”
– Rochelle Fraenig

Watch the First Lady, Rachel, Rochelle, and other youth participate in a discussion:

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