2015 FosterClub All-Star Intern, Rosalina H. Burton, testified in front of the United States Senate Finance Committee August 4th bearing witness to kinship care and biological parental support. bearing witness to kinship care and biological parental support. Rosalina was a key witness at the “A Way Back Home: Preserving Families and Reducing and Reducing the Need for Foster Care” hearing assembled by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)

A former foster youth, Rosalina shared her personal account of sibling separation, kinship care and multiple re-entries into the County of San Diego foster care system. With 12 years in foster care and experiencing 23 different placements, Rosalina gave testimony to how kinship care could have been an opportunity to keep her, and her siblings, connected to family and eliminated their multiple re-entries into foster care.

Excerpt from Rosalina's Testimony:

Support prevention services such as intensive counseling and financial assistance that help kids stay with their families. Support these same services after reunification so all parties can talk open and honestly about their fears, hopes and expectations to help families stick together, and to understand the damage time away from each other can have on their relationships. Support kinship placements at all times because sometimes parents will fail to reach the bar, but their kids should not be forced to find a new family when extended family members are available.

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