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Celeste Bodner was nominated by the White House and featured in the July/August issue of MORE magazine. The article titled “Women Working Wonders,” highlights Bodner’s work as Founder and Executive Director of FosterClub. First Lady Michelle Obama served as guest editor of the special issue and White House staff handpicked Celeste as a “crusader” for kids who face barriers.

The “Women Working Wonders” article (pictured below) highlighting Bodner’s story features four other women who work to improve the lives of children, including Barbara Bush.

“I’m honored, of course, to be recognized by MORE and in company of such notable women, but the credit for the success of FosterClub really belongs to our young leaders and their amazing efforts to reshape the foster care system.” - Celeste Bodner

In 1996, Celeste and her husband unexpectedly became foster parents to 10 and 12 year old boys. Unable to find resources and peer support for their new foster children, Celeste established FosterClub in 1999 on the principal that self-advocacy, access to information and youth involvement are keys to well-being and resilience. 

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Read the entire article from MORE magazine, guest edited by First Lady Michelle Obama, here!

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She makes a good work, she deserves this article!