In the past few days, we have all had the honor of getting to know a remarkable young man from Texas named Ke’onte Cook. He has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, testified before Congress, and for many of us, his face is the face we now see when we think about the impact of overuse of psychotropic medications on foster youth.

It’s remarkable to see Ke’onte now—a happy, bright, well-spoken young man—and imagine that he would need anything other than a loving family in order to thrive. Yet he received no less than 12 different medications while in foster care—up to 5 medications at the same time. He received medications used to treat seizures, which he never had. He received medication used to treat bipolar disorder, a condition for which he has never been diagnosed. I am not a doctor, but it is difficult for me to imagine any valid medical reason for those many drugs being prescribed to someone so young.

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