Blueprint photos#FosterClubLeaders and California Youth Ambassadors facilitated the Leadership Academy for the 2015 BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS Conference in Los Angeles, CA on October 26 and 27th, 2015. The BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS Conference is a dynamic one-day event combining meaningful networking opportunities with in-depth workshops presented by professionals with a passion and aptitude for supporting foster youth.

Over 100 youth from foster care received valuable training and networking opportunities including team building activities, youth/adult partnerships, strategic sharing and a roundtable discussion to prepare youth for conference discussions on various topics related to education including: campus support, parenting scholars, extended care, foster youth voice on campus, peer to peer support, trauma informed, life after college, housing and more.

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FosterClub also facilitated two workshops at the conference for over 500 supportive adults. The workshops included "Family Matters: Birth Family Relationships and Impact on Our Education" and "In My Shoes: Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, Support and Leadership" - a youth panel.

Highlights from the BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS Conference was the networking and peer support during the Leadership Academy. For some young people in attendance, this was the first time they were able to meet with peers from foster care.

"Thank you so much for the tremendous opportunity to be a part of something so grand and empowering for the Foster Youth and everyone bringing [a] hand in to work so hard to see this accomplished. I was very honored, thrilled and excited to attend as a Youth Voice and I look forward to attending next year's if possible. The resources, information, ability for me to have a voice, and connection with others from my background made me feel confident to go out there and continue to reach out and help others." - Foster Youth


FosterClub Conference Facilitators

  • Jenn Martinez, California Youth Ambassador
  • Jazmin Favela, California Youth Ambassador
  • Briana Osbourne, California Youth Ambassador
  • Kenyon Whitman, California Youth Ambassador
  • George White, California Youth Ambassador
  • Tommy Diaz, California Youth Ambassador
  • Joel Urzua, #FosterClubLeader
  • Diamond Law#FosterClubLeader
  • Jynnahlove Abshire#FosterClubLeader
  • Alexis Barries#FosterClubLeader
  • Payton Hensley#FosterClubLeader

The BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS Conference is put on by California College Pathways, in partnership with Stuart Foundation, Walter S. Johnson Foundation and Pritzker Foster Care Initiative.