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I'm just the person with all the dumb questions but w/e. Could I move out of my foster home and into a home with an adult friend who is over 21?

I Won't Lie, It's Difficult

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Here's the deal. The state is charged with placing you in the best situation they have available for success. In this day and time, a 21 year old is going to be hard pressed to prove that he/she can take care of him/herself, much less a teenager too. Anyone under the age of 25 is still considered an adolescent. Unless they are making enough to pay the bills plus another 30%, the state is probably not going to take a chance on them. I know how hard it is to live with people you don't really know or who don't have a similar value system or culture as yours, but understand that the grand majority of foster parents (at least in my home state) aren't compensated all that much. They do it because they want to provide a safe environment for children. Have you considered adoption? If you are legally free, and have a profile on Adopt US Kids' website, it may be easier for your friend to work out an adoption than for the state to just hand you over to someone who has no way of demonstrating beforehand how appropriate they are. But if they accept the FULL responsibility for you, that may make the state more able to see their dedication to you. Don't give up. Keep looking for a permanent home.


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There are many conditions you would have to go through to be approved.


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It really depends on which state you live in. I KNOW that mostly every state will require them to have a training and a background check.