Recently, the Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau, JooYeun Chang, talked with FosterClub All-Star Amber Finet. Associate Commissioner Chang has consistently valued youth voice, and regularly discusses important child welfare topics with young leaders from FosterClub.  Amber shares her own story about finding permanency, and serves as an inspiration to other young people in foster care.

The following is directly from the Associate Commissioner's Page:

"The following is the monthly message from JooYeun Chang, the Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau. Each message focuses on the current CBX Spotlight theme and highlights the Bureau's work on the topic.

Many of us in the child welfare field use terms like "permanency" that may not mean much to the children, youth, and families with whom we work. About 10 years ago, I had the pleasure of talking with a group of FosterClub All Stars—youth who have successfully transitioned from foster care to independent living and help inspire positive transitions for their peers. During our conversation, it became clear that no one had taken the time to ask what permanency meant to them.

For this year’s National Adoption Month, I wanted to devote my page to the youth voice and raise awareness about the meaning of permanency. Below is my conversation with Amber, a young woman who was adopted from foster care at 17. She also is a 2014 FosterClub All Star. Amber's story is one of perseverance, hope, and most important, permanent and lifelong connections."

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