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Hello Everyone

It's been quite awhile since i last posted a topic on the discussion board.

I was just wondering how ILP work down in the USA or if there are any other Canadian citizens on here who know how it works up here?

I will be aging out of the foster care system up here in March of next year and my biological sister who is quite a few years older than me has offered to take me in so i do not have to pay rent while i continue my post secondary education, so it is less of a burden for myself. How would the money i get work? Would it go to me? I am not sure i am just looking into this imformation in advance so I know what will happen and it will not be such a surprise for me when i do age out.



We like that idea Sunny49 -

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We like that idea Sunny49 - get rich and donate for young people in foster care!

In the United States, most Independent Living Program services are funded through a federal program called the John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program - more information can be viewed here:

I am researching what things

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I am researching what things are in place for people are "age out" of the foster care system. I can not believe that there is not more for you. I think this site is great and if I ever get rich, my money is going to you kids. I have looking around today and found this old conversation on a site that I'm on a lot. It talks about "aging out" quite a bit and what resources are available. You can find it here (i'm separting the link so I can post it, but you'll have to take out hte spaces to put it back together) forums .adoption. com / fostered-adults / 315130 -what- happens-kids -who -age-out .html