Tomorrow, Congress will work on the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 and
you are invited to share your thoughts about the parts of this bill that are important to you!

What is the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015? 
This bill is an idea to fix "No Child Left Behind", which is a vital federal law regarding education. Tomorrow, an amendment to help foster youth achieve educational success with the Every Child Achieves Act will be introduced. This act calls for education systems to assure:

  • Youth are able to remain in their school of origin unless this is not in their best interest. This is important because every time youth move to a new school, they get further and further behind in their education.
    • Youth are enrolled in their new school quickly when they must move schools. This is important so that students can focus on their education.
  • Youth are offered transportation to their schools. This is important so that youth face less barriers getting to and from school.
  • Support an education liaison specifically for students experiencing the foster care system. This is important so that students have access to someone within the education system who can ensure that they have the support they need to reach their education goals. 

How can I show my support of the Every Child Achieves Act? 
Contact your Senators and share your thoughts and experiences on this amendment! Here is an example of what some advocates are saying:

"Tomorrow, Senator Al Franken will introduce an amendment to promote educational stability for children in foster care to the Alexander/Murray ESEA bill when it is marked up by the HELP Committee. I strongly urge Senator _____ to support the amendment.  It will help ___ children in foster care in our state. It has been five years since the HELP Committee first heard of the challenges facing students in foster care. Children in foster care need more than a report – we need action for foster children now. This amendment, supported by both advocates for foster children and homeless children, will help minimize frequent moves of foster children from school to school and offer them the support they need to remain in school and move forward."

Let us know how it goes!