FosterClub enthusiastically presents the winners of this years Creative Expression Contest!

Creative Expression ContestYouth from across the country participated FosterClub's 2016 Creative Expression Contest. Art, poetry, music, essays and many other creative submissions all captured the theme: "What Family Means to Me"

For young people in foster care, family connections can be difficult. Some young people have been separated from family or have strained family relationships. Some foster youth are looking for family connections - either finding relatives or seeking an adoptive family. And other young people may be seeking to repair or strengthen family relationships - with siblings, grandparents, or biological parents.

Our top three entries are listed below. Click through and read these powerful pieces of art, and what family means to Suzanne, Jacob, and Sandra.


beachFirst Place
15 years old
Experience in the Texas foster care system

"I just remembered everything I had gone through and felt then wrote in a way that I thought was poetic." -Suzanne

Read Suzanne's poem, Perfect Picture. click here

JacobSecond Place
14 years old
Experience in the North Carolina foster care system

"Don’t let your past be a weight on you. Use it for good by writing about it, talking about it, telling people about it. Turn your trauma into art, and not just visual art–language arts as well can help someone else understand what is going on inside your brain." -Jacob

Read Jacob's poem, What's in your toolbox. click here

handsThird Place
13 years old
Experience in the Texas foster care system

"Let the emotions come and leave through the pen or pencil and never hold back the emotions." -Sandra

Read Sandra's poem, Family Is. click here